TV & radio: what to tune in to next week (13–19 May 2017)

Can't decide which shows to watch or listen to next week? Here are 10 programmes you won't want to miss...
Elizabeth I: Battle for the Throne. (Channel 5)
Drama: The Forsytes Concludes 
Radio 4
Saturday 13 May, 2.30pm
Radio 4’s adaptation of John Galsworthy’s nine-volume family saga reaches the final trilogy of books. We resume in 1928 when, following the death of her father, Fleur (Jessica Raine) is determined to build a life with Michael. Listen out too for daily 15-minutes episodes from Monday 15 May (10.45am & 7.45pm).
Archive on 4: Blinded by War 
Radio 4
Saturday 13 May, 8.00pm
Adam Scourfield reflects on his interviews with British veterans blinded while serving in times of conflict. Ray Sherriff was blinded at Arnhem during the Second World War, Ray Hazan was injured by a parcel bomb in Northern Ireland and Terry Bullingham lost his sight in the Falklands. How did the men each come to terms with their loss?

Pick of the week

Our Man in the Middle East  
Radio 4
Monday 15 May, 1.45pm
The BBC’s Middle East editor, Jeremy Bowen, has reported from the region for a quarter of a century. In a 25-part weekday series, he presents a personal history that begins with the build-up to the first Gulf War in 1991. Other episodes this week cover the Kurds of Iraq, Jerusalem and the assassination of Israeli prime minister Yitzhak Rabin in 1995.
The Invention of the USA 
Radio 4
Monday 15 May, 8.00pm
A quote at the base of the Statue of Liberty reads: “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free”. But as Misha Glenny explores in the final part of his series on the US, these are words that sit uneasily with an American obsession: the question of who should be kept out of the country.
An Art Lovers’ Guide 
BBC Four 
Monday 15 May, 9.00pm
Concluding their cultural travel series, Janina Ramirez and Alastair Sooke head for St Petersburg. Here, they visit the sumptuous state rooms of the Winter Palace; descend to tunnels where artefacts were stored during the Nazi siege of the city; and visit an apartment piled high with protest art.
An Art Lovers' Guide. (BBC/Emily Wallis)
Elizabeth I: The Enemy Within
Channel 5
Tuesday 16 May, 9.00pm
Episode two of the docu-drama charting key events in the life of the ‘Virgin Queen’ focuses on her troubled relationship with her royal cousin, Mary, Queen of Scots. Lily Cole plays Elizabeth, while Suzannah Lipscomb and Dan Jones present.

Elizabeth I: The Enemy Within. (Channel 5)
A Tale of Two Sisters 
Thursday 18 May, 8.00pm
A new series about historical figures and their siblings begins with the story of aviation pioneer Amelia Earhart and her sister, Grace Muriel. When Earhart went missing in 1937 while attempting to circumnavigation the globe, it was her sister who did much to keep her memory alive.
From Morocco to Timbuktu: An Arabian Adventure 
Thursday 18 May, 9.00pm
Alice Morrison concludes her north African odyssey, a journey much disrupted by overland routes being blocked by 21st-century political disputes. Eventually, she has to travel by plane to the ancient city of Timbuktu aboard a UN flight. Here, Morrison learns about Mansa Musa, king of Mali and one of the richest men in history.
From Morocco to Timbuktu: An Arabian Adventure. (BBC/Tern Television Productions/Alice Arce)
Ancient Mysteries: The Headless Gladiators of York
Channel 5
Friday 19 May, 8.00pm
In 2004, archaeologists in York discovered 80 battle-scarred skeletons dating back to the Roman era. This documentary charts the investigation of the site. Followed by Britannia: Secrets of the Royal Yacht (9.00pm), which finds Rob Bell exploring the history of the much-loved vessel, now berthed in Edinburgh.
Friday 19 May, 9.00pm
Louis XIV can’t sleep. This is bad news for those who have to deal with the monarch, because it’s making him decidedly grumpy. Meantime, Claudine continues to investigate the mystery toxin. Followed by Inside Versailles, which focuses on Louis’ valet, Alexandre Bontemps. 

Versailles. (Tibo & Anouchka, Capa Drama, ZodiakFiction & Docs, Incendo, Canal+)
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