TV & radio: what to tune in to next week (19–25 August 2017)

Can't decide which shows to watch or listen to next week? Here are 10 programmes you won't want to miss...

Partition: The Untold Story. (Image Credit: BBC/Bend It TV/Justin Evans)
Partition: The Untold Story. (Image Credit: BBC/Bend It TV/Justin Evans)
The Cultural Front 
Radio 4
Saturday 19 August, 10.30am
Continuing her series on how the conflict of 1914-18 affected culture, Francine Stock considers how artists reacted to the bitter reality of conflict. Her subjects include the meeting of Siegfried Sassoon and Wilfred Owen, Pablo Picasso’s work with the Ballet Russe, and tin masks made by sculptor Francis Derwent Wood to be worn by those with serious facial injuries. 
Archive On 4: Facing Our Failures 
Radio 4
Saturday 19 August, 8.00pm
In the wake of disasters such as the Grenfell Tower blaze, the calls go out to establish a public inquiry. But what do such inquiries really achieve? And why do they so often get mired in controversy? Chris Bowlby trawls through the archives to learn more.  
The Reunion
Radio 4
Sunday 20 August, 11.15am
In 1986, Rupert Murdoch switched production of his newspaper titles to Wapping. Thousands of printers lost their jobs. Times editor Charles Wilson, Sun editor Kelvin MacKenzie and union leader Brenda Dean are among those joining Sue MacGregor to look back at the bitter industrial dispute that followed. 
Fake Or Fortune?
Sunday 20 August, 7.05pm, BBC One
Seventeen years ago, Philip Mould bought a painting he believed to be by John Constable, an alternative view of The Hay Swain. He subsequently sold the painting after several experts decided this wasn’t the case. As the art series returns, Mould and Fiona Bruce reinvestigate the provenance of the picture.
Fake or Fortune? (Image Credit: BBC/Emilie Sandy)

Pick of the week

India’s Partition: The Forgotten Story 
BBC Two 
Tuesday 22 August, 9.00pm
Filmmaker Gurinder Chadha (Bend It Like Beckham, Viceroy’s House) looks back at events in 1947, when members of her family found themselves on the wrong side of a new border on the Indian subcontinent. The thrust of her documentary is that the division of British India was a project driven by politicians rather than the wider population.
Utopia: In Search Of The Dream 
BBC Four 
Tuesday 22 August, 9.00pm
Art historian Professor Richard Clay concludes his exploration of utopia by asking whether it’s ultimately a state of mind. This involves exploring the hedonistic medieval carnival tradition, haiku composition, and meeting acid house legend A Guy Called Gerald and minimalist composer Steve Reich.
Tuesday 22 August, 10.00pm
Episode two of the Victorian-era medical comedy and social reformer Caroline gets an invitation to meet her hero, Charles Dickens (played by Andrew Scott of Sherlock fame). Elsewhere, Florence Nightingale tries to persuade pompous surgeon Robert that he needs to clean his surgical instruments. He’s not convinced.
Quacks. (Image Credit: BBC/Lucky Giant)
Aleks In Wonderland: The Story Of The Internet
Radio 4
Wednesday 23 August, 9.00am
Aleks Krotoski continues her history of the internet by charting the effects of the arrival of the world wide web in the 1990s. With digital technologies going mainstream, this gave users access to entertainment and commerce, but did it also facilitate the use of the internet for darker purposes?
Radio 4
Thursday 24 August, 9.00am
Historian Peter Hennessy meets Harriet Harman MP to discuss her life and career. As a minister who rose to become deputy leader of the Labour Party and, briefly in 2015, leader of the opposition, she saw at first hand the tensions between Gordon Brown and Tony Blair, and served through the 2007 financial crisis. 
Natalie Haynes Stands Up For The Classics 
Radio 4
Thursday 24 August, 11.30am
The comedian and classicist concludes her latest series on the ancient world by considering the life of Roman poet and satirist Juvenal. She’s helped in this endeavour by Armando Iannucci, creator of The Thick Of It, and the Oxford scholar Professor Llewelyn Morgan.
Who Do You Think You Are? 
Thursday 24 August, 8.00pm
TV presenter Fearne Cotton traces her family tree. She’s especially curious about her great grandfather, a chemist who started his working life as a miner. He never spoke about what happened to him during the first world war – why? Plus she learns about an ancestor who once lunched with Queen Victoria.  
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