TV & radio: what to tune in to next week (4-10 November 2017)

Can't decide which shows to watch or listen to next week? Here are 10 programmes you won't want to miss...

Women At War: 100 Years Of Service. (Image Credit: BBC)
Women At War: 100 Years Of Service. (Image Credit: BBC)
Saturday 4 November, 9.10pm
The historical drama charting the 1605 attempt to blow up parliament concludes with – spoiler alert – the plot being discovered. Not that foreknowledge makes this hugely impressive series any less gripping as we follow Robert Catesby (Kit Harington) and co to their doom. 
Drama: Tsar 
Radio 4
Sunday 5 November, 3.00pm
Writer Mark Walker’s epic series of dramas focusing on Russian leaders reaches Stalin. We meet the dictator in June 1941. As news comes through of the Nazis taking Minsk, 300 miles into Soviet territory, Stalin isolates himself at his dacha for three full days – but why?
The Last Post 
Sunday 5 November, 9.00pm
Peter Moffat’s drama of life among the Royal Military Police in Aden in the 1960s concludes with Captain Joe Martin’s future in the army at risk. Meantime, Armstrong fears for Yusra’s safety, and Markham is caught between his sense of duty and his moral compass.
Revolution: New Art For A New World. (Image Credit: BBC/Foxtrot Films)

Pick of the week

Women At War: 100 Years Of Service 
Monday 6 November, 9.15am
Marking a century since women first took on roles alongside men in the British military, this weekday series looks at how things have changed in the years since. The first of 10 episodes finds June Brown of EastEnders fame recalling her wartime experience of serving in the Wrens.
Unearthing World War I 
Monday 6 November, 8.00pm 
Ahead of Remembrance Sunday, Yesterday has a week of shows about World War One, beginning with this doc about military archaeology. Other highlights include the final episode of The Great War In Numbers (Wednesday 8th November, 9.00pm), which explores the impact of Russia pulling out of the conflict.
Elizabeth I’s Secret Agents 
BBC Two 
Monday 6 November, 9.00pm 
The series about espionage and the secret state reaches the death of Elizabeth I. Cue Robert Cecil inviting King James VI of Scotland south to take the throne. Meanwhile, a Catholic priest, John Gerard, plots the overthrow of the English protestant state. 
Elizabeth I’s Secret Agents. (Image Credit: BBC/72 Films/Richard Outram)
Revolution: New Art For A New World 
BBC Four 
Monday 6 November, 9.00pm
In a feature-length documentary, Margy Kinmonth considers the effect of the October revolution on art in Russia. Also this week, in The Real Doctor Zhivago (BBC Four, Tuesday 7 November, 9.00pm), Stephen Smith reveals the story behind the creation of Boris Pasternak’s classic novel.
In Our Time
Radio 4
Thursday 9 November, 9.00am
Melvyn Bragg and learned friends discuss the Picts, the name given to the people who lived in Scotland north of the Forth-Clyde line from 300-900 AD, from the time of the Romans to the Viking era. To mark the show’s 20th season, the discussion takes place before a student audience at the University of Glasgow.
Military Memory, And The Sacred Space 
Radio 4
Friday 10 November, 11.00am
Giles Fraser looks back at the battle of Passchendaele and the role of memorials in helping the relatives of fallen soldiers to mourn. Also today, the drama Tommies (Radio 4, 2.15pm) returns with the first of two episodes that explore events in the Middle East 100 years ago. 
Eight Days That Made Rome 
Channel 5
Friday 10 November, 9.00pm
Continuing her series on key events in Roman history, Bettany Hughes looks back at 49 BC. This was the year when Julius Caesar, soldier and governor of Gaul, ignored the Senate and took his soldiers across the Rubicon River – why, and what followed?
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