TV & radio: what to tune in to next week (5–11 August 2017)

Can't decide which shows to watch or listen to next week? Here are 10 programmes you won't want to miss...

My Family, Partition And Me: India 1947. (BBC/Wall to Wall Media/Lorian Reed-Drake)
Archive on 4 – The Myth Of Homosexual Decriminalisation 
Radio 4
Saturday 5 August, 8.00pm
Human rights activist Peter Tatchell takes a critical look at the impact of the 1967 Sexual Offences Act on Britain’s gay communities. Also on Radio 4 this week in the Gay Britannia season, From Shame To Pride (Wednesday 9 August, 9.00am) concludes Val McDermid’s history of same-sex relationships in the UK.
BBC One 
Sunday 6 August, 9.00pm
As series three concludes, it’s clear that handsome Hugh Armitage is in love with Demelza. Will Ross, preoccupied with rebellious chatter amongst local villagers, see the danger? Elsewhere, French ships are spotted on the horizon and George is, as ever, up to no good. 
Partition Voices 
Radio 4
Monday 7 August, 9.00am
The second episode of the series gathering first-hand testimonies of events 70 years ago looks back at the weeks immediately after the creation of India and Pakistan. Also listen out for The Man Who Drew The Line (Radio 4, Friday 11 August, 11.00am), which profiles Sir Cyril Radcliffe, a key figure in drawing up the new borders.
Alone On A Wide Wide Sea 
Radio 2
Monday 7 August, 1.30pm
Less than 50 yers ago, UK orphans were still being shipped overseas to Australia and elsewhere. Many were treated badly. Ian McMillan’s four-part weekday dramatisation of Michael Morpurgo’s novel (broadcast during Vanessa Feltz’s show) imagines the life of one such child, Londoner Arthur Hobhouse. Starring Jason Donovan and Toby Jones.
Great Lives 
Radio 4
Tuesday 8 August, 4.30pm
This should be a treat. The series in which celebrities speak up for famous figures from the past finds Stephen Fry looking at the life and career of writer PG Wodehouse. Oxford University’s Dr Sophie Ratcliffe offers the expert’s take on the writer.
Utopia: In Search of the Dream 
BBC Four 
Tuesday 8 August, 9.00pm
In a new series, Richard Clay explores how the idea of utopia has been re-invented down the years. He begins by considering how utopian visions are blueprints for a fairer world and asking whether such visions can inspire real change. Thomas More, Jonathan Swift and Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry are among those whose work Clay considers.
Utopia: In Search of the Dream. (BBC/ClearStory/Alex Brisland)
My Family, Partition And Me: India 1947
BBC One 
Wednesday 9 August, 9.00pm
Anita Rani presents a two-part documentary looking back at events 70 years ago. The emphasis here is on the stories of families from different communities. One participant, Binita Kane, travels to Bangladesh to discover what happened when her Hindu father was forced to flee his ancestral village.
In Search of Arcadia 
BBC Four
Wednesday 9 August, 9.00pm 
Art historian Dr Janina Ramirez explores the emergence of the English landscape movement in the early 18th century. Joining her is historian and waterman John Bailey, who discovers how a short stretch of the Thames inspired influential artists, poets and designers.

In Search of Arcadia. (BBC/Tin Can Island Ltd)

Pick of the week

Citizen Jane: Battle for the City 
BBC Four 
Wednesday 9 August, 10.00pm
During the 1960s, journalist and activist Jane Jacobs was an outspoken critic of city planning. Her The Death And Life Of Great American Cities offered a powerful critique of modernist visions for the urban environment. This documentary celebrates Jacobs’s work, in part keyed off by her experiences of living in New York’s bohemian Greenwich Village. 
Radio 4
Thursday 10 August, 9.00am
Historian Peter Hennessy’s series where senior politicians look back at their lives and careers returns. Tony Blair is his first guest. The former prime minister reflects on his love of acting and performance, his relationship with Gordon Brown, Iraq, the Northern Ireland peace process and the challenge of re-making the centre-left. 
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