Who’s the best-dressed Briton in history?

Tuesday 8th October 2013
Submitted by Emma McFarnon

In the October issue of BBC History Magazine, 10 fashion experts have selected the men and women they believe have set the fashion world alight over the centuries. But who do you think is the best-dressed and who would you have nominated? We'll announce the name of the individual who receives the most votes on 15 October.

Read more about each of the nominated individuals

You can read the nominations in full in the October issue of BBC History Magazine - on sale in print, and on iPad, iPhone, Google Play, Kindle and Kindle Fire from 12 September

Now see what you would look like as Napoleon, Queen Victoria and others in our interactive fashion gallery. Simply upload a picture of yourself at www.historyextra.com/fashion and choose your outfit.

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Anne Messel
Queen Alexandra
David Bowie
Henry III
Georgiana Cavendish
'Beau’ Brummell
Charles James Fox
Elizabeth I
Ellen Terry
Samuel Pepys
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