Dan Snow

Dan Snow © Giles Park

Dan Snow is a historian and broadcaster. His latest television programme, National Treasure's Live is currently being shown on BBC One. He is the history man for BBC One’s The One Show.


A woman emptying a chamber pot.

By historical standards, London today is a clean city. Effluent drains through the sewers, domestic waste gets collected, everyone showers daily. But as Dan Snow explains, that certainly wasn’t the case in the medieval era. So what were medieval London’s stinkiest stinks?

This article was first published in the April 2011 issue of BBC History Magazine


It was one of the world’s most famous and important battles, bringing to an end the Napoleonic Wars and leading to Napoleon Bonaparte’s final abdication and decades of international peace in Europe

© Eugene Bochkarev | Dreamstime.com

Christmas is approaching; people are giving themselves over to wild excess, while misanthropes moan. They wail that Christmas has become a festival of excess, an orgy of licentiousness, a celebration of gluttony

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