History news

Wedding chest - photo Brian Stewart
24th July 2014
A 500-year-old chest owned by an amateur collector of early furniture has been identified as a wedding gift commissioned for the marriage of James IV and Margaret Tudor
18th July 2014
A 90-year-old war veteran who made international headlines last month when he left his care home to go to Normandy has been made an honorary alderman
Education secretary Michael Gove has been replaced - Alamy
15th July 2014
The Historical Association has responded to the replacement of Michael Gove as education secretary, in Prime Minister David Cameron’s wide-ranging cabinet reshuffle
11th July 2014
A 4,000-year-old Egyptian statue has sold for £15.76m at Christie's of London. The Sekhemka limestone statue, which had been expected to raise about £6m, was auctioned by Northampton Borough Council to...
4th July 2014
Two divers have been ordered to pay £62,500 in fines and costs after plundering historic wrecks.
Children spin cotton in a milL © Science & Society Picture Library
26th June 2014
Factory owners in the 19th century deliberately produced false data in a bid to stop the British government restricting the extent to which they could employ child labour, a new study suggests
20th June 2014
A 300-year old tapestry, which has hung in the University of Sheffield for half a century, has been returned to France after revelations it had been looted by the Nazis, the Independent reports.
A woodcut of 17th-century pickpocket Mary Frith © Granger Collection–Topfoto
18th June 2014
A new study explores female cross-dressing in 16th-century London – and suggests that sexual pleasure was a key part of its appeal
13th June 2014
One of the world’s leading battlefield archaeologists is developing a project designed to unearth whatever genuine material survives from the battle of Hastings. Led by Dr Glenn Foard from the University of...
6th June 2014
Five former victims of Japan's wartime sex slavery have submitted hundreds of official documents to the government demanding Prime Minister Shinzo Abe acknowledge Japan's past atrocity and formally apologise.