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Battle of Bosworth (Ann Ronan Pictures/Print Collector/Getty Images)
17th September 2014
The circumstances of Richard III’s death remain unexplained, according to an expert historian, despite new research that suggests the former king was killed by two blows to the head and one to his pelvis
12th September 2014
A long lost Claude Monet painting has been discovered in a suitcase belonging to the late art hoarder Cornelius Gurlitt
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11th September 2014
We are no closer to finding out why two ships led by Sir John Franklin vanished in the Arctic more than 160 years ago, a leading historian has claimed
c1336, Philippa of Hainault (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)
10th September 2014

Elizabeth I, Philippa of Hainault and Matilda of Scotland feature in our Top 10...

5th September 2014
Queen Victoria had a relationship with her Scottish servant John Brown, new evidence suggests
29th August 2014
The discovery of the last Plantagenent king, Richard III, has boosted Leicester's economy by about £45m, BBC News reports
The wooden toilet seat was found at Vindolanda (image credit Vindolanda Trust)
28th August 2014
Archaeologists have uncovered what is believed to be the only surviving wooden toilet seat from the Roman period
22nd August 2014
Henry VIII was a bit of a prude, and Anne Boleyn served as maid of honour for Margaret of Austria, historians Tracy Borman and Lauren Mackay have revealed
Richard III (Photo by Apic/Getty Images)
17th August 2014
Richard III began to drink more wine and enjoyed a diet filled with lavish foods such as swan, crane and heron after becoming king in 1483, new research has shown
15th August 2014
Newly discovered documents from the First World War highlight controversial military tribunals
8th August 2014
The former Plantagenet king Richard III is to be laid to rest in Leicester in March next year, it has been announced
1st August 2014
BBC History Magazine has released a special edition that traces the rise and fall of the Tudor dynasty – from Henry VII to Elizabeth I