February 2018 issue of BBC History Magazine out now!

The February 2018 issue of BBC History Magazine is now on sale!

BBC History Magazine February 2018

Our second issue of 2018 is a ‘votes for women’ special edition, marking 100 years since some women won the right to vote.

In our cover feature on the suffragettes, Diane Atkinson examines whether their militant campaign won the vote in 1918 and recounts how the public reacted to this momentous event.


And how far did campaigners’ violent tactics help or hinder the battle for the ballot? Historians June Purvis, Jad Adams, Julia Bush and Fern Riddell answer the big questions on female suffrage.

Plus, Sarah Crook offers her view on what progress towards female equality has been made in the subsequent century.

Elsewhere, Lizzie Seal looks at the life of Ruth Ellis, the last woman to be executed in Britain, and the impact she had on the death penalty debate.

Edward Burman reveals what we know about the mysterious terracotta warriors, the long-buried clay army discovered less than 50 years ago.

And Yasmin Khan describes how Ghandi’s visits to Britain shaped his career.

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NEXT ISSUE: The March 2018 issue of BBC History Magazine is on sale on 22 February 2018 and features the 1918 Spring Offensive and the wars of Henry VIII.