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Elizabeth Barton was better known as…?

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In which year were Julius and Ethel Rosenberg tried and convicted of espionage, having been accused of passing atomic bomb secrets to the Soviet Union?

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Who was usually considered the mother of Eros, Greek god of love and desire?

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Who was editor of the Pall Mall Gazette from 1883 to 1889?

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How will you fare in this week's history quiz?

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Which movie featured a man who sunk French warship and an Italian submarine during the First World War?

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In which year was Thomas Wolsey made a cardinal and lord chancellor of England?

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Who was the first woman to pilot a jet aircraft?

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In which country was tinsel invented, in the 17th century?

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Who died in a ballooning accident on 15 June 1785?

So you consider yourself a history whiz... but could you pass a history exam in the Republic of Ireland? Try your hand at these questions set by John Heffernan, a history and ICT teacher.


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In which year did the Strand Magazine publish ‘The Final Problem’ by Arthur Conan Doyle, in which Sherlock Holmes is apparently killed in 1891?

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In 1919 an internationally famous concert pianist became prime minister of which country?

Mary I of England, 1554. (Fine Art Images/Heritage Images/Getty Images)

Who was the first (as far as we know) Christian martyr in Britain? And other questions

People praying for relief from the bubonic plague (Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Test your knowledge of the Middle Ages with this quiz written by Dr Catherine Rider, a senior history lecturer at the University of Exeter.

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