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The 40th Anniversary Of Woodstock

In August 1969, nearly half a million hippies gathered at a dairy farm in New York State. Forty years on, John Sebastian of Lovin’ Spoonful fame looks back at the mother of rock festivals. Featuring contributions from the likes of Pete Townshend, Joan Baez and Joe Cocker.

Archive On 4: Meeting Myself Coming Back

Close to Dr Martin Luther King through the years of the civil rights movement and the first African-American candidate for US President, Rev Jesse Jackson has been at the centre of momentous events. Listening to sound archives featuring his younger self, Jackson reflects on his life and times. John Wilson presents a three-part series.

100 Years Of The Girl Guides

In 1909, Robert Baden-Powell agreed to let girls have their own equivalent of the Boy Scouts – and the Girl Guides was born. Narrated by Dominic West, this documentary draws on archive footage to celebrate the movement’s centenary. It’s not all camping and japes: in the Second World War, women from the Guides International Service helped survivors of Bergen-Belsen.

Deep Wreck Mysteries

In the waters of the English Channel lies the SS Leopoldville. More than 750 young men drowned or froze to death after a torpedo fired by a German U-boat struck the vessel. More than 60 years on, divers go down 180 feet to view the wreck and try to learn more about what happened.

Uncle Sam Goes Pop: The Story Of V-Discs

In 1943, the US military began making recordings with some of the era’s best-known artists, including Glenn Miller. Intended as morale boosters, the resulting discs were never released commercially and most copies were destroyed with the cessation of hostilities. Over three episodes, Patti Austin tells the story of the military’s record label, V-Discs.

On Tour With The Queen

Continuing his jaunt in the footsteps of the young Queen Elizabeth, Kwame Kwei-Armah visits Australia and New Zealand. Over eight weeks in Australia, it’s estimated that around 75 per cent of the population turned out to see the monarch. In New Zealand, her visit was a precious opportunity to find a settlement for a historic grievance.

Desperate Romantics

Even by the rumpy-pumpy standards of Desperate Romantics, tonight’s episode is full of fleshly glimpses. That’s principally because the focus is on Dante Gabriel Rossetti (Aidan Turner), a man who can’t say no where women are concerned. If Rossetti is in his prime, poor Lizzie Siddal is increasingly sick thanks to her laudanum addiction.

The Cell

Dr Adam Rutherford continues his scientific history series, which traces efforts to learn the secrets of cells. Tonight’s programme focuses on how researchers have gradually learnt about DNA as they’ve explored the world of the cell, bringing us to the brink of being able to make life for ourselves.

Who Do You Think You Are?

The Office actor Martin Freeman is the final celeb of the current series to go in search of his roots. He learns that his paternal grandfather died in France in the days before Dunkirk and also traces the life of a great-grandfather, Richard, who was born blind.

Written In Stone

The Rabatak Inscription, an ancient Afghani artefact, has been through a remarkable odyssey since it was discovered in 1993. Variously, it’s been in the possession of a local warlord, a New Zealand bonedigger and the Taliban. Llewelyn Morgan traces its story and explains how the tablet sheds light on the Kushan dynasty.

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