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As human beings, we are fascinated by history. What is it about the past that we find so enticing? Is it the colourful characters, the high drama, the bittersweet nostalgia – or is it a sense that the people who lived through the wars, the upheavals, the sublime joys and the unspeakable tragedies, were more than just strangers in a bygone world? Perhaps when we watch a historical documentary, the strongest pull of all is that somewhere, in that foreign and uncanny version of our reality, our very own ancestors were living full and rich lives. They are our family and we would not be here today if they had not endured, for better or for worse, against all the odds.


The Register of Qualified Genealogists is an organisation of professional researchers who are committed to uncovering the stories of ordinary people who lived extraordinary lives. Our members use historical documents, cutting-edge research techniques as well as DNA data to construct family trees and build genealogical reports. If you would like to know your personal story, then visit our website today to find out how our members can help you to find your place in the sweeping narrative of human history.


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