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History Weekends 2019: Anthony Beevor

Anthony Beevor will be speaking about Operation Market Garden, the Allies’ plan to jump the Rhine by capturing the bridge at Arnhem, at our 2019 History Weekend in Winchester

BBC History Magazine will host two History Weekends in 2019, one in Winchester and one in Chester.

Talk: Arnhem: The Battle for the Bridges, 1944


Winchester: Sunday 3 November, 15.40-16.40


Talk synopsis: Operation Market Garden, the plan to jump the Rhine by capturing the bridge at Arnhem, was a rash gamble. The cost of failure was horrendous, above all for the Dutch. A British fascination for heroic failure has clouded the story in myths. Beevor, using Dutch, British, American, Polish and German archives, looks into the very heart of war.


Speaker bio: Antony Beevor’s books, including Stalingrad, Berlin – The Downfall, D-Day, The Battle for Spain and Ardennes 1944, have received major prizes in the UK and abroad. His books have appeared in 33 languages and have sold more than eight million copies. His latest is Arnhem – The Battle of the Bridges.


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