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What's in the September issue of BBC History Revealed

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In our September 2020 issue, on sale 6 August

The Ultimate Guide to the Romans


The key moments of the Roman republic and the empire, how the Romans lived, how they changed the world, the might of the Roman military machine and more

The Roncador-Xingu expedition

Venture in the Brazilian rainforest with the Villas-Bôas brothers, leading to the creation of a unique national park

The Victorian era’s female detectives

From the mid-19th century onwards, an increasing number of women discovered a new career, one that offered freedom, excitement and subterfuge. Nell Darby explores why their skills were in such high demand

What if… Napoleon had won at Waterloo?

Professor Alan Forrest explains whether Napoleon could have secured his remarkable return to power, or if victory at Waterloo would have only served to delay the inevitable


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