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In our June 2021 issue, on sale 13 May

Your essential guide to the Suffragettes


The campaign for equal voting rights for women in Britain was long, fraught and sometime violent. Discover who the key figures were, how the government reacted and how the battle was ultimately won.

Anne Boleyn’s early life

Amy Licence explains how the future English queen’s youth in royal courts on the continent made her a Renaissance woman – but perhaps one for whom England wasn’t quite ready

The Carnation Revolution

Explore the almost-bloodless military coup that ended nearly 50 years of dictatorship in Portugal and brought down Europe’s longest-surviving authoritarian regime.

What if… Antony and Cleopatra had won the battle of Actium?

How would fates of Mark Antony and Cleopatra have been different had triumphed over the future Emperor Augustus – and what would have meant for Rome?



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