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In our January 2021 issue, on sale 29 December

Your essential guide to the Civil Wars


Explore chain of events that set Charles I against his Parliament, prompting a bitter struggle that give rise to the Commonwealth of England and cost the king is head.

Nellie Bly takes on Phileas Fogg

Explore Nellie Bly’s incredible mission to complete a lap around the world faster than the 80 days set out in Jules Verne’s adventure novel, in a journey every bit as eventful.

Spotlight on: Richard the Lionheart

All you need to know about the crusading king of England who barely spent any time in the country he ruled.

What if… the Soviets had won the race to the Moon?

How would the US would have reacted to always coming second in the Space Race – and which cosmonaut would have made the one giant leap? Dr Thomas Ellis considers an alternate history…


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