June/July 2017 issue of BBC World Histories out now


Our fourth issue of BBC World Histories explores more vital stories, key issues and major players throughout our global past.


Experts debate the legacy of slavery, war and colonisation to ask: is Africa a prisoner of its past?

Laura Spinney reveals how the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic disrupted the global order.

Jerry Brotton examines the history of exploration, through artefacts that reveal the story of human wanderlust.

Caroline Moorhead looks back on the brave people who resisted Italian dictator Benito Mussolini – and their fate.

And Jago Cooper explores history’s lost cities, delving into the metropolises that time forgot.


Plus, a historical tour of Kyoto, an eyewitness account of the Rolling Stones’ epochal 1967 Warsaw concert and a look at the extraordinary life of 19th-century explorer James Martin.