Britain in WWII: One of two new BBC History Magazine special editions


Not just one but two new special editions of BBC History Magazine go on sale today.


Britain’s Year of Defiance charts the rollercoaster year between the evacuation at Dunkirk and the Nazi invasion of Russia in the Second World War. Discover the stories of the Blitz, the Battle of Britain, rationing and desert warfare in North Africa. Plus find out how good a leader Churchill really was and why the Spitfire nearly missed out on its finest hour.

Also included in the package is a CD of archive footage, produced by BBC Audiobooks. Listen to news reports of key events, Churchill speeches and even a live recording of a Battle of Britain dogfight. 

If you’re looking for inspiration for the summer months, our Historic Days Out guide is the perfect place to begin. Inside you’ll find over 240 great ideas for heritage visits around the country. There are dozens of family friendly options and a selection of fantastic places to go that won’t cost you a penny.

Discount vouchers inside could save you up to £69 on some of the country’s best attractions.


Both of our new special editions are available at brances of WH Smith or directly from us. Britain’s Year of Defiance book and CD package is priced at £9.99, while Historic Days Out costs £5.99, both with free UK P&P.