Issue 10 of BBC World Histories is out now!

The June/July 2018 issue of BBC World Histories is now on sale!

World Histories 10

BBC World Histories, a title from the makers of BBC History Magazine, brings you a fresh take on our global past – and how it shapes our lives today.

In our third issue of 2018, a panel of experts considers Russia’s relationship with the rest of the world and some of the key factors behind recent events – including the poisoning of a former KGB officer in the British city of Salisbury.


Also this issue, historian and BBC presenter Christopher Harding explores the dark side of Japan’s modernisation, bringing to the surface the human stories sometimes lost amid the race to rebuild an entire nation.

Staying with the theme of everyday life in extraordinary times, three experts take a look at how totalitarian regimes shaped the experiences of their citizens. From Nazi Germany to North Korea, they consider what dictatorships look like from the inside.

This issue’s trip to the ancient world comes in the form of a profile on Cleopatra, the final ruler of Egypt’s Ptolemaic dynasty. Do we have a tendency to simplify her legacy as a politically astute monarch, asks Egyptologist Joann Fletcher?

Plus, we asked a panel of historians and authors to recommend 25 global history books you need to read to make sense of today’s world.

Coming up in issue 11 (on sale from 18 July)

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