Issue 15 of BBC World Histories is out now

The April/May 2019 issue of BBC World Histories magazine is now on sale

World Histories Magazine issue 15

BBC World Histories, a title from the makers of BBC History Magazine, brings you a fresh take on our global past – and how it shapes our lives today.

In our April/May 2019 issue, now on sale:

The big question: Should museums return their treasures?


What should happen to global history’s contested artefacts? Experts share their views

America’s hidden empire

The forgotten history of the United States’ imperial ambitions, and why they still matter

The first digital revolution

Why the evolution of Hindu-Arabic numerals enabled breakthroughs in trade and science

The Spanish Civil War

How one commander’s actions led to tragedy in the final days of this bloody conflict

Bauhaus: design icons

As the art school marks a century since it was founded, an art historian showcases six examples of its influence and diversity

America’s war on drugs: exporting the fight

How President Nixon’s declaration of war on drugs shaped anti-narcotics action around the world – and why its legacy is still felt today

The long read: From daggers to drones

A history of the development of remote warfare – and a novel analysis of what it tells us about humanity

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Coming up in issue 16 (on sale from 23 May)

Manga through the ages

As a major new exhibition launches at London’s British Museum, we explore the long history of a Japanese art form that has become an international phenomenon

The Stonewall Riots

The real story of how clashes at a bar in New York forever changed global LGBTQ rights



Why the story of the 12th-century Muslim leader can help explain divisions in today’s world