December 2017 issue of BBC History Magazine out now!

The December 2017 issue of BBC History Magazine is now on sale!


In our cover feature on Elizabeth I’s nemesis, Nicola Tallis explores the fall out from a Tudor love triangle that saw Lettice Knollys steal Robert Dudley from the Virgin Queen.
Meanwhile, Dr Lindsey Fitzharris delves into the hellish world of the Victorian hospital, where lice and lethal infections flourished.
Matthew Dennison explores whether George II’s wife, Caroline of Ansbach, was Britain’s greatest queen-consort.
And Karolyn Shindler tells the story of a fearless fossil hunter – the brilliant paleontologist Dorothea Bate.
Elsewhere, David Reynolds revisits the Balfour Declaration, Britain’s statement of support for a Jewish home in Palestine.
Daniel Todman reveals the cruel cost of the Blitz, looking at the challenges facing Britons seeking to rebuild their lives in the wake of German bombing raids.
And Miranda Kaufmann shares stories of Africans in Tudor England, focusing on six black men and women who called England home in the 16th century.
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