December issue out now


The December issue of BBC History Magazine is now on sale. In our new edition, as scientists prepare to investigate the possible remains of Alfred the Great, Alex Burghart considers whether the Anglo-Saxon king’s victories over the Vikings were simply a matter of luck.


Elsewhere in the magazine, Mark White assesses the short, but dramatic, presidency of John F Kennedy, 50 years after his assassination, while expert historians offer their opinions on what the world might have looked like had JFK not been killed.

The December issue also features Dominic Sandbrook who reveals how the Cold War dominated British culture in the postwar period – from sport and books, to music, television and films.

Meanwhile, Alison Weir champions Elizabeth of York, whose marriage to Henry VII helped establish the Tudor dynasty, and a queen, she feels, has been often underrated.

Plus, in our new history essay feature, Robert Bartlett explains how the Plantagenet dynasty clung onto the throne of England for over 300 years.

This month’s issue also includes English Heritage chief executive Simon Thurley, who visits Cromford Mills in Derbyshire to explore the wider topic of the rise of the factory in 18th-century Britain.


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