January 2018 issue of BBC History Magazine out now!

The January 2018 issue of BBC History Magazine is now on sale!

In our cover feature on Julius Caesar, Guy de la Bédoyère reveals why the Roman leader risked everything on a disastrous invasion of Britain.
Meanwhile, Allen Packwood tells the story of Churchill’s darkest hour, and how he won the argument to keep Britain in the war in 1940.
Joyce Tyldesley considers whether Nefertiti was Egypt’s greatest queen, questioning whether her accomplishments 3,000 years ago merit her modern-day celebrity.
Elsewhere, Katherine Harvey turns medieval sex doctor, answering queries on everything from impotence to the risk of STIs in the Middle Ages.
Leander de Lisle considers the extraordinary life of Charles I’s warrior wife Henrietta Maria, who put her life on the line fighting her husband’s corner during the Civil War.
And Robert Hume looks at how Spanish flu devastated Britain a century ago, arguing that Britain’s response to the the pandemic of 1918 was wholly inadequate.
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