The ultimate Normans guide

It is surely the most famous date in English history. At the battle of Hastings, on 14 October 1066, William of Normandy’s army defeated and killed King Harold. It was the decisive moment in the Norman conquest of England, which heralded the end of the Anglo-Saxon era and brought profound changes to the country whose effects are still felt today…

To mark the 950th anniversary of William’s great victory, a new BBC History Magazine collector’s edition charts the history of the Normans, from their Viking origins to the reign of their last English monarch.
The Story of the Normans brings together some articles that have appeared previously in BBC History Magazine along with lots of new specially commissioned content, all written by expert historians. There is still plenty of lively debate about the key moments and characters of the Norman age – even at a distance of 1,000 years, history rarely stands still. 
Inside this special edition you’ll discover how the rulers of a small patch of land in northern France managed to conquer the powerful Anglo-Saxon realm, and spread their wings even further afield to the Mediterranean and the Middle East. Plus, you’ll find explorations of some of the Normans’ most famous achievements, including the Bayeux tapestry, Domesday Book and their astonishing castles and cathedrals.
Elsewhere, Leonie Hicks highlights four hugely influential Norman women, Marc Morris traces the key events of the Normans’ story and Nicholas Vincent analyses the character traits – and flaws – of William the Conqueror.
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