October/November issue of BBC World Histories is out now!

The latest issue of BBC World Histories magazine is now on sale!


BBC World Histories, a new title from the makers of BBC History Magazine, brings you a fresh take on our global past – and how it shapes our lives today. Our sixth issue explores more vital stories, key issues and major players throughout our global past


In our latest issue, four experts in international security debate whether nuclear weapons have helped curb large-scale conflict.

Nicola Leveringhaus explores the history of North Korea’s nuclear ambitions and how it can help us make sense of the situation today.

Brian Lewis explores diverse examples of same-sex relations throughout history, from ancient Greece to 20th-century law courts.

And Shrabani Basu reveals the surprising relationship between Queen Victoria and Abdul Karim, an Indian servant.


Plus, the striking artwork of the Scythian people of antiquity who roamed the vast grasslands between China and the Black sea.

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