The Frome Hoard

Miles Russell applauds a timely account of a major find


Reviewed by: Miles Russell
Author: Sam Moorhead and Anna Booth
Publisher: British Museum
Price (RRP): £4.99


The Frome Hoard, comprising over 52,000 Roman coins, was one of the major archaeological discoveries of 2010. This timely book presents the first observations of the investigating team and is a model of interim reportage.

Well illustrated and informative, it concisely describes and catalogues the discovery of the hoard and attempts to explain its context and significance.

The major interest in the find, apart from its size, lies in the number of coins minted by Carausius, a third century AD rebel under whose leadership Britain (briefly) became divorced from Rome. Given how little we know about Carausius, these new coins are of immense importance and the British Museum is to be congratulated for bringing his story so vividly to life.


A sobering thought, however, is that at the time of publication, over 11,000 coins remain to be identified. This fascinating story will no doubt continue well into the next decade.
Miles Russell is senior lecturer in prehistoric and Roman archaeology, Bournemouth University