Operation Barbarossa, the Anglo-American War, and a secret marriage: 3 things that happened On This Day 22 June

What happened on this day in history? We round up three famous events, births, battles and deaths...


22 June

1941: Hitler launched Operation Barbarossa, the German invasion of the Soviet Union. In the next six months Germany occupied what is now Belarus, much of the Ukraine and surrounded Leningrad. 


1807: In one of the incidents leading to the Anglo-American War of 1812 HMS Leopard fired on and boarded the USS Chesapeake.

1610: William Seymour secretly married Arbella Stuart at Greenwich. News of the marriage caused great consternation at court – the pair were both descendants of the Tudor line, so there was the danger of a rival dynasty to that of James I. The pair were separated and imprisoned for marrying without royal permission. Both escaped from captivity and fled for the continent. Seymour managed to reach Ostend but the ship carrying Arbella was overtaken and she was taken back to the Tower, where she remained until her death in 1615.


Compiled by Julian Humphrys – You can follow Julian on Twitter @GeneralJules