The Second World War Story


The Second World War started 70 years ago. The BBC History Magazine team have been working hard recently and we’ve published a separate special collector’s edition, the BBC History Magazine Second World War Story, on sale in WHSmith in the UK.


This special edition covers most of the major events in the war, from the Battle of Britain, through the Battle of the Atlantic, the Eastern Front, D-Day and the atomic bombing of Japan to name a few. Big name historians, such as Ian Kershaw, Max Hastings and Antony Beevor are featured talking about these key moments. Also included are the stories of the people on the ground – sailors, soldiers, airmen and civilians – so it’s a comprehensive exploration of the subject.

Do have a look out for it. Good value, I think, at £5.99. You can find your nearest WHSmith by going to


You can also order it direct here or by calling 0844 844 0250 and quoting WW2WEB.