September 2015 issue of BBC History Magazine now on sale!

The new issue of BBC History Magazine is out now!


In the latest issue – the audio version of which you can download for free – Tracy Borman explains how Henry VIII’s fourth wife, Anne of Cleves, was far from just an ‘ugly’ queen. In fact, she was a popular woman who used her initiative to become Henry’s most successful queen.


Meanwhile, as Elizabeth II is set to become Britain’s longest reigning monarch in September, Dan Jones reveals the secrets to a happy and prosperous reign by looking back at the history of the monarchy over the past 1,500 years.

Elsewhere in the magazine, Joshua Levine explores how the Blitz of British cities produced new opportunities for criminal acts during the Second World War.

And Gavin Mortimer reveals the stories of three British men who were imprisoned in Nazi death camps.

Plus, Chris Pearson examines how Parisian dogs have made an impression on the history of the French capital over the past two centuries, and Ted Vallance analyses how a plot to kill George I led to a rise in Catholic persecution in Britain.

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