Video: Dan Jones on ‘The Great Fire’

Ahead of new Channel 5 series The Great Fire, which begins tonight at 8pm, we spoke to historian Dan Jones about the four-day blaze which devastated London in 1666 and its aftermath...

The Great Fire - Presenters Rob Bell, Dr Suzannah Lipscomb and Dan Jones.

In The Great Fire, historians Dan Jones and Suzannah Lipscomb, along with engineer Rob Bell, examine new historical evidence and use 21st-century technology to investigate how the Great Fire of London really happened.
Here, Dan Jones talks to History Extra about walking the route of the fire street by street, following its four-day trail of devastation as it raged through the city. You can listen to the full interview with Dan on this week’s History Extra podcast.
The first episode, which explores how and where the fire began, airs on Channel 5 at 8pm on Wednesday 31 May.

To find out more about the series, click here.