Top 10 Tudor podcasts

From courtiers to accidental death, we’ve rounded up 10 of our best Tudor history podcasts


The origins of the Tudors

Steven Gunn explains the importance of the first Tudor king, Henry VII, in this podcast recorded in July 2011.


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Tudor courtiers and the Great Bed of Ware

Suzannah Lipscomb talks about Tudor courtiers, while Kate Hay introduces the Great Bed of Ware, in this March 2012 podcast.

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A Nazi serial killer and a Tudor gentleman

In this podcast recorded in May 2009, Roger Moorhouse is on the trail of a serial killer in Nazi Berlin, while Deborah Youngs discusses the fascinating diary of an ordinary gentleman in Tudor England.

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Tudor accidents and the real Anglo-Saxons

Steven Gunn analyses accidental death in Tudor times, while Ryan Lavelle explores the darker side of the Anglo-Saxons, in this podcast from January last year.

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Royal personality in Tudor and Medieval times

Mark Ormrod and John Cooper give a joint lecture on Edward III and Francis Walsingham, who was secretary to Queen Elizabeth I.

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Richard III vs Henry VII

Chris Skidmore describes how the first Tudor king seized the crown from Richard III at Bosworth, while Brendan Simms examines Europe’s past, present and future, in this podcast from June 2013.

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The Black Death and Tudor adventurers

John Hatcher visits a village devastated by the Black Death, while James Evans describes the doomed search for the north-east passage in the 16th century. This podcast was recorded in December 2013.

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Tudor portraits and Victorian footballers

Tarnya Cooper introduces the National Portrait Gallery’s new Elizabethan exhibition, while Richard Sanders delves into the early years of football, in this podcast from October 2013.

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African Tudors

This April 2014 podcast focuses on African history. First up, Miranda Kaufmann visits a replica of Francis Drake’s Golden Hind and there explains how Africans played an important role in the Tudor explorer’s adventures in the 16th century. Meanwhile, Gus Casely-Hayford reveals the amazing historical achievements of the inhabitants of Timbuktu in Mali, in a talk that was given at our 2013 History Weekend festival in Malmesbury.

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JFK and a neglected Tudor

Mark White reappraises JFK on the 50th anniversary of his assassination in November 2013, while Alison Weir describes the life of Elizabeth of York, mother of Henry VIII.

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