Book reviews

State of Emergency
by Dominic Sandbrook
  Adrian Bingham applauds the latest volume in a mammoth history of postwar Britain, this time focusing on the turbulent early 1970s 
The Liberty Bell
by Gary B Nash
Stephen Conway on an engaging short discussion of one of America’s potent symbols of liberty
The Hemlock Cup: Socrates, Athens and the Search for the Good life
by Bettany Hughes
Michael Scott enjoys a thought-provoking new tour of classical Athens, guided by one of its greatest philosophers
English Houses 1300–1800
by Matthew Johnson
Nat Alcock reviews a social history of English architecture
In and Out of the Marital Bed: Seeing Sex in Renaissance Europe
by Diane Wolfthal
Marina Wallace enjoys a penetrating look at sex and its artistic representations in the Renaissance
Capital Affairs: London and the Making of the Permissive Society
by Frank Mort
Matt Houlbrook believes a new survey of post-war sexuality in London is destined to become a classic
From Democrats to Kings
by Michael Scott
Peter Jones reads an engaging depiction of Ancient Greece in the 4th century BC
Gardening Women
by Catherine Horwood
Denis Judd enjoys a look at women’s horticultural adventures
Rejoice! Rejoice!
by Alywn W Turner
Adrian Bingham enjoys a kaleidoscopic and lively portrait of politics and popular culture in the turbulent Eighties
The Image of the World
by Peter Whitfield
 Sue Wingrove enjoys a look at the cultural significance of mapmaking
A Brief History of Nakedness
by Philip Carr-Gomm
Adrian Bingham undresses an account of nakedness and finds it entertaining but rather short on analysis
by Kevin Leahy and Roger Bland
A first glimpse of the recently discovered Anglo-Saxon hoard