LGBTQ+ history month
It's LGBTQ+ history week on HistoryExtra. Every day this week, we'll be releasing new articles and podcasts about LGBTQ+ history – from a panel discussion with expert historians to articles about fascinating historical figures and milestones that you might never have heard about before. Our LGBTQ+ history week coincides with LGBT+ history month in the UK, an annual month-long observance of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender history

LGBTQ+ podcasts

From the Stonewall Riots to the gay MPs who opposed appeasement, listen to expert historians and journalists tell the story of various chapters in LGBTQ+ history. All episodes are also available on Spotify, Acast and Apple Podcasts

The Stonewall Riots

Learn more about the flashpoint that launched the gay rights movement in the US. What started the Stonewall Riots? Where did it take place? And what was the impact?