October 2013 issue out now


The latest issue of BBC History Magazine is now on sale. In our new edition, Leanda de Lisle looks back at the disappearance of Edward V and his brother, Richard, Duke of York, and considers why Richard III and Henry VII tried to erase them from history.


Elsewhere in the magazine, Lucy Worsley selects a series of objects that testify to Britain’s fascination with murder, from a middle-class poisoner’s medicine chest to a mug hailing a ‘gentlemanlike’ killer.

The October issue also features Richard Overy, who considers how the stoicism of the British people in response to the Luftwaffe raids of 1940-1 resulted in needless deaths.

Meanwhile Tracy Borman reveals how James VI and I’s dark fascination with magic and devilry led him on a witch hunt which consigned hundreds of people to the flames, and Richard Bradley explores a Neolithic long barrow in Oxfordshire, once believed to be the home of a Saxon god.

Plus, 10 fashion experts select the men and women they believe have set the fashion world alight over the centuries. Vote for your favourite at www.historyextra.com/bestdressed

This month’s issue also includes a free pull-out magazine of must-read history books, as nominated by leading historians.


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