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15 minutes of fame: Tsiang Ting-fu, Chinese historian and diplomat

Rana Mitter explains how historian and diplomat Tsiang Tingfu was an important link between China and the west in the 20th century

Published: June 27, 2022 at 3:52 pm
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It’s the HistoryExtra podcast’s 15th birthday! To celebrate, we’ve asked 15 historians to nominate a figure from history they think deserves their ‘15 minutes of fame’. In this episode, Professor Rana Mitter nominates Tsiang Tingfu. He tells Rob Attar about this 20th-century Chinese historian and diplomat who was an important link between the country and the west before the Communist revolution.



Rob AttarEditor, BBC History Magazine

Rob Attar is editor of BBC History Magazine and also works across the HistoryExtra podcast and website, as well as hosting several BBC History Magazine events.


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