Jon Bauckham

Jon Bauckham

Production Editor, BBC History Magazine

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Jon Bauckham is the Production Editor of BBC History Magazine and previously held the same role on BBC History Revealed. He is responsible for writing, editing and proofreading content, and ensuring that the magazine goes to press smoothly each month. When he’s not poring over pages with a red pen, he can be found recording episodes of the award-winning HistoryExtra podcast, chatting to authors about subjects ranging from Lord Kitchener to Russian pianos. Obsessed with the past from an early age, Jon holds a first-class honours degree in history from the University of Bristol and an advanced diploma in English local history from the University of Oxford. Thanks to a six-year stint writing about genealogy for Who Do You Think You Are? Magazine, he also enjoys digging up scandalous secrets in his friends’ family trees. You can find Jon on Twitter at @JonBauckham, where – aside from his thoughts on various historical topics – he mainly tweets about music, football and his unusual interest in windmills.

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