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Over the last year, we’ve been working to improve the HistoryExtra site and talking to users about how we make it a richer and deeper experience.

As part of this evolution, and in common with many other publishers, we have moved the site to a subscription model. As a subscriber, you not only have unlimited access to our extensive archive, but also a wealth of new features including on-demand access to our virtual lectures and masterclasses, free access to our special podcast series (currently only available via Apple subscriptions) and ad-free versions of podcasts that we produce going forward, plus the ability to download our pick of our best Special Editions – carefully curated deep dives into specific eras and moments in history.

A new look and feel

Understand and debate

Make sense of the world around you, and hear expert opinions on contentious matters of the day.


Get credible, accessible takes on historical events, themes and topics. Read articles from leading experts, get interesting angles and fresh analyses, plus introductions to new topics.


Indulge in content that enriches and augments your enjoyment of history in popular culture, via books, TV series, films, radio and podcasts, games, and anniversaries.


Experience the past in the medium that suits you best, be that audio, video, gaming, or live and in person.

Funding quality content

HistoryExtra is owned by Immediate Media. Your support helps us fund HistoryExtra’s commitment to quality, fact-checked content, written by the leading historians in their fields. It also enables us to continue to invest in new products and features, such as our new on-demand lecture series. We’re offering a subscription service because our content is exclusive, it has added value and is curated by experts.

We’ll continue to make exploring the past as enjoyable as possible.

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