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Kings and Queens Weekend 2019: Catherine Hanley

Catherine Hanley will be speaking about 'Matilda: The Greatest King England Never Had' at our Kings and Queens Weekend in March 2019

BBC History Magazine's Kings and Queens Weekend, March 2019
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Talk: Matilda: The Greatest King England Never Had


When Henry I died in 1135, he left the English crown to his eldest legitimate child. It should have been the easiest succession imaginable, but it wasn’t – because Henry’s heir was not a son but a daughter. In her talk, medieval historian Catherine Hanley will introduce Matilda and examine her campaign to claim the throne.

Catherine Hanley will speak on Matilda

Dr Catherine Hanley is a historian specialising in twelfth- and thirteenth-century warfare in western Europe. Her new book Matilda: Empress, Queen, Warrior will be published by Yale University Press in March 2019.

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