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History Weekends 2019: Peter Caddick-Adams

Peter Caddick-Adams will be speaking about D-Day at our 2019 History Weekends in Chester and Winchester

BBC History Magazine will host two History Weekends in 2019.

Talk: Could D-Day Have Failed?


Chester: Sunday 27 October, 15.40–16.40

Winchester: Friday 1 November, 18.00–19.00 


Talk synopsis: The great assault of 6 June 1944, whose 75th anniversary falls this year, was a high risk strategy by the Allies. A year in the planning, accompanied by some of the most effective deceptions in military history, D-Day had only one chance of success. Peter Caddick-Adams explores the threats to Allied victory in Normandy, both from the Germans – and the weather.

Peter Caddick-Adams

Bio: Peter Caddick-Adams is a full-time writer and broadcaster. He lectures at universities, military academies and staff colleges around the world on military history, defence and security issues. He also spent 35 years as an officer in the UK Regular and Reserve Forces, and has extensive experience of various war zones, including the Balkans, Iraq and Afghanistan.


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