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History Weekends 2019: Peter Gaunt

Peter Gaunt will explore the role that Chester might have played in the civil war at our 2019 History Weekend in Chester


Talk: Regional capital or red herring? Chester in the English civil war, 1642–46


Chester: Friday 25 October, 17.00–18.00


Talk synopsis: This lecture explores the role which Chester, from autumn 1642 until early 1646 a major royalist base, garrison and stronghold in the northern Marches and the North West, might have played and was expected to play in the civil war, assessing its potential and value to the king’s cause and its threat to the parliamentarians. It argues that in fact Chester was viewed very differently, not only by the two sides but also when placed within local, regional and national contexts, and that for a variety of reasons in reality it never served as a dynamic regional capital.

Peter Gaunt


Speaker bio: Peter Gaunt is professor of early modern history at the University of Chester and lives in north Cheshire. A specialist in both the civil war and the Cromwellian Protectorate, he has written or edited 16 books, including studies of the civil war in Wales, in England and Wales and in Britain and Ireland as whole, as well as two (different) biographies of Oliver Cromwell. He is a past chairman and current president of The Cromwell Association.


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