Medieval Life and Death: Hannah Skoda

Hannah Skoda will be joining us at our virtual Medieval Life and Death event to talk about crime and violence in the Middle Ages

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Synopsis: The Middle Ages are often stereotyped as brutal and gruesomely violent. Certainly, levels of violence – ranging from domestic to military – were terrifyingly high. However this talk will reveal the complexity and sophistication of medieval responses to violence, from admiration to horror and fear. Literature and law, archaeology and images, will reveal societies suffused with, but troubled by, bloodshed.


Bio: Hannah Skoda is Fellow and Tutor in Medieval History at St John’s College, Oxford. She works on the social and cultural history of the later Middle Ages, and has published notably on Medieval Violence (OUP, 2012), and co-edited two volumes on Legalism (OUP, 2012 and 2018).