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BBC History Revealed Christmas 2020 issue, on sale 26 November

Inside our Christmas 2020 issue…

Your essential guide to the British home front in World War II


The home front in Britain during World War II has an almost nostalgic feel to it, but the threats and privations were considerable. This month, we get to grips with how the everyday Brit coped with rationing and air raids, explore ‘Blitz spirit’ and how criminals took advantage of the chaos, and hear real stories from those who were evacuated from their homes and families.

Posters that changed the world

Explore the stories behind some most iconic posters that have ever been published

A brief history of medieval magic

From Narnia to Harry Potter, so many modern manifestations of magic come from the Middle Ages…

What if… Richard III had won at Bosworth Field?

If Richard III had defeated Henry Tudor at the battle of Bosworth Field, would he have been able to secure his hold on the throne? Professor Emeritus Michael Hicks explains…


  • The truth and legend of King Arthur
  • French Protestants defy the king in the Huguenot rebellion
  • History Q&As: Why do lawyers wear wigs? Did pirates actually like the Caribbean? And more
  • The latest historical book releases

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