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BBC History Revealed November 2021

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Your essential guide to the Wars of the Roses


The 15th-century conflict fought between the houses of Lancaster and York, commonly known as the Wars of the Roses, boasts some of the most famous individuals in English history. From Edward IV to Lady Margaret Beaufort, we meet the cast of characters who shaped the wars, and examine the fearsome battles where kings were made and unmade. Plus, we look at the enduring mystery of the Princes of the Tower, and the violent downfall of Richard III.

Great War munitionettes

That many women took on new roles in munitions factories during World War I is well known, but what is surprising is just how young many of them were. We delve into the lives of Britain’s brave ‘munitionettes’ and reveal the grave dangers they faced on a daily basis.

Top 10 quotations of the 20th century

Words can harden the resolve of an entire nation, encapsulate the ideals of a movement, and evoke joy – or provoke anger – long after they have been said. To mark the 100th issue of BBC History Revealed, we explore 10 famous quotations that defined the 20th century – and you can have your own say by voting in our online poll at

What if… the White Ship hadn’t sunk?

The accidental drowning of Henry I’s heir, William Adelin, had far-reaching consequences for the English monarchy and the royal dynasties of the 12th century. We consider what might have happened had the prince survived his watery ordeal.


  • Pyramids: how were they built, what were they for, and which country has the most?
  • Why did democracy campaigners storm a hotel in south Wales in 1839?
  • History Q&As: Who was the Piltdown Man? What was the Battle on the Ice? Why did Frederick the Great hire ‘coffee sniffers’?

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