Your Essential Guide to the Inca Empire

Discover the dramatic highs and lows of the mighty Inca civilisation – from the creation of Machu Picchu to the Spanish conquest.


USS Indianapolis: a WWII horror story

Jonny Wilkes recounts the wartime tragedy that saw US sailors fighting off madness, hypothermia and sharks.

Photographic hoaxes

We explore historical examples of camera trickery: from William Mumler’s ‘spirit photographs’ to the Cottingley Fairies.

What if… Henry V hadn’t died in 1422?

Professor Anne Curry reveals how England and France’s fates may have been different had the victor of Agincourt not died so prematurely.

In a nutshell: The Chinese Exclusion Act

We take a deep dive into one of the most controversial laws in US history.

This month in history: ‘Princess ‘Caraboo’ appears in Almondsbury

Danny Bird recounts the strange events of April 1817, when a woman purporting to be an Indonesian princess turned up in a village outside Bristol.


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