April 2020 issue of BBC History Revealed out now!

Delve into the shadowy lives of Cold War Spies and discover what it took to turn traitor. From gadgets and gizmos to spy exchanges, we explore the dangerous but often lucrative world of history’s real James Bonds.

Plus: We step through the doors of Bethlem Hospital, England’s first (and most notorious) hospital for the mentally ill; find out what might have happened had Boudicca beaten the Romans; explore Disneyland’s rocky start; investigate what drove Van Gogh to cut off his ear; and take a closer look at the rebellion that freed thousands of enslaved Africans in 18th-century Haiti.


Inside our April 2020 issue…

The Secrets and Lies of Cold War Spies

They engaged in thrilling adventures in a shadowy world. But who were the spies who turned traitor during the Cold War, what were they up to, and why did they do it?

Disneyland’s Difficult Birth

Walt Disney had a singular vision for his theme park, but the creating the ‘happiest place on Earth’ proved no easy task…

The Haitian Revolution

From 1791-1804, the Caribbean isle of Hispaniola burned and convulsed as enslaved Africans rose up in rebellion after rebellion – finally emerging as independent Haiti. Find out how the first successful revolution of enslaved people came to pass

Bedlam: ‘Palace for Lunatics’

The infamous asylum for the mentally ill has a fearsome reputation. How bad was it really? Explore what went on inside its walls, and how ‘Bedlam’ became a byword for chaos

The Slow Decline of Vincent Van Gogh

What happened to cause a painter at the peak of his creativity to mutilate his own ear? Delve into the mysteries of Van Gogh’s final months

Top 10: Unusual Royal Nicknames

Boneless, Unready and Cabbage – we explore some of the strangest sobriquets that rulers have earned through the ages

What If…

Boudicca had defeated the Romans?


We explore Quarry Bank Mill in Cheshire, take a look at some of the fake April Fools’ hoaxes that duped, celebrate the opening of London Zoo in 1828 (though not to everyone, bring you the latest history book releases, and discover the past through iconic photographs.