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BBC History Revealed issue 94 May 2021

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Your essential guide to the William Shakespeare


Explore the life of England’s most famous playwright – from his early life and childhood, and the places that shaped his life, to his most famous works, his thoughts on religion, the women in his life and the myths surrounding his legend.

Tails from the deep: the history of mermaids

Mermaids are beautiful, benevolent and captivating – or at least that is the Disney version. Hetta Howes separates the real-world legends from the fishwives’ stories.

Eva Braun: the woman who stood by Hitler

She was almost unacknowledged by Hitler and maligned by the other Nazi wives – so why did Eva Braun continue to support the Führer? We explore their complicated relationship

What if… the Romans had won at Teutoberg Forest?

It has been described as the Roman Army’s greatest defeat. But what would it have meant for the empire if the outcome had been reversed?



  • The secrets of the Illuminati
  • Revisiting the 1951 Festival of Britain
  • History Q&As: Was ‘Uncle Sam’ based on a real person? What were Joan of Arc’s crimes? And why is the Golden Gate Bridge red?


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