February 2020 issue of BBC History Revealed out now!

We’re exploring the Jacobite rebellions, the slew of uprisings across the 17th and 18th centuries committed to restoring the Stuarts to the English and Scottish thrones…

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Plus, we’ll meet the colourful real-life detectives who inspired the likes of Sherlock Holmes; find out what life was really like for the wives of the Nazi top brass; try and retrace the steps of Abubakari II, the Malian emperor who gave up his throne to become an explorer; and examine the history of love potions.

Inside our February 2020 issue…

The Jacobite Rebellions


Kilts and clans, killing and kisses. Outlander, the tale of a 20th-century nurse embroiled in 18th-century intrigue, is back. Discover the history of the Jacobite rebellions that inspired the hit drama

The Misguided Romantic’s Guide to Love Potions

Throughout history, pining lovers have turned to strange concoctions to win the hearts of their intended. From mashed-up worms to cakes made from human sweat…

The Rise of Scotland Yard

The history of the most famous police force in Britain, and the colourful real-life detectives who inspired the likes of Sherlock Holmes

Abubakari II’s Extraordinary Adventures

The 14th-century emperor of Mali renounced his throne to explore the blue expanse of the Atlantic, but what became of him? We trace the route of his myth and legend

Inside the Nazi Wives Club

Göring, Goebbels, Himmler, Heydrich, Bormann and Hess – all too familiar names in Nazi history. Less well known are the women by their sides, writes James Wyllie, some of whom were as fanatical as their infamous husbands

The Weird World of Walter Potter

Explores the Victorian fascination with taxidermy through the whimiscal works of one of the era’s most unusual artists


We explore Canterbury Cathedral, relive the Battle of the Alamo, bring you the latest history book releases, speak to historian Rana Mitter, and discover the past through iconic photographs.