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BBC History Revealed July 2022
Published: June 9, 2022 at 11:20 am
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Inside our July 2022 issue…

Your essential guide to the history of crime and punishment


In centuries gone by, crime certainly didn't pay. Whether you had stolen some food to feed your family or were found wandering drunk in the street, the consequences could be disastrous – and sometimes deadly. With help from Dr Nell Darby, we explore the history of law and order in the British Isles: from tales of grisly medieval executions to the creation of the world's first police force.

Klaus Fuchs: the hunt for the 'red fox'

On the surface, Klaus Fuchs was a diligent young scientist, enthusiastically helping Britain and its American allies develop new weapons during World War II. But, behind the scenes, the physicist was providing Stalin's regime with the information it needed to develop its own atomic arsenal. Author Roger Hermiston reveals how the 'red fox' was finally snared.

What if... the Black Death had never happened?

The Black Death, which first struck between 1346 and 1353, wiped out as much as 50 per cent of the population in certain parts of the globe. But what would the planet have looked like had the pandemic never happened? Professor Mark Bailey examines the catastrophic impact of the plague on 14th-century society.

In a nutshell: the SAS

How did Britain's Special Air Service – or SAS – become the formidable fighting force that is today? Gavin Mortimer explores the unit's origins during World War II and reveals how it has adapted to tackle dangerous new threats: from the Iranian Embassy Siege of 1980 to the conflicts of the present day.


  • To hell and back again: the story of Douglas Mawson’s disastrous Australasian Antarctic expedition
  • This month in 1888: the East End’s matchgirls go on strike
  • History Q&As: Are Russian dolls Russian? What is the world’s oldest crown? Why did Edison electrocute an elephant?

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