December 2019 issue of BBC History Revealed out now!

Inside the latest issue of BBC History Revealed: the legend of Troy, Victorian aeronauts, quirky royal traditions, Tutankhamun’s treasures, and much more…

December 2019 issue of BBC History Revealed magazine

Inside our December 2019 issue…

The Legend of Troy


Find out what we really know about the epic Trojan War

Treasures of Tutankhamun

The most precious objects from a new exhibition on the ‘boy king’

Victorian balloonists

The men who risked life and limb to soar to new heights

India’s Joan of Arc

How Rani Lakshmibai waged war on the British in 19th-century India

Top 10: Royal Traditions

Strange royal customs – from swan chasing to festive weigh-ins

World War X-Files

The UFO panic that swept Britain in the run-up to World War I


We explore Titanic Belfast, take a closer look at what happened in the year 1768, bring you the latest history book releases, and discover the past through iconic photographs.


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