Issue 18 of BBC World Histories is out now

The October/November 2019 issue of BBC World Histories magazine is now on sale

BBC World Histories Magazine Issue 18

BBC World Histories, a title from the makers of BBC History Magazine, brings you a fresh take on our global past – and how it shapes our lives today.

In our October/November 2019 issue, now on sale:

The forgotten story of Hispanic North America


What happened to earlier communities in a history now dominated by English voices?

The complex history of concentration camps

Why we must look to the past to understand recent debates abut border camps in the US

Why can’t we escape the grip of the Second World War?

Experts discuss the long-lasting legacy of the global conflict

The Yalta Conference, 1945

How Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt viewed their key meeting during the Second World War, and the global impact of the summit

How women won the West

It’s often portrayed as the macho domain of cowboys and outlaws – yet many resourceful and determined pioneer women made their mark on the American West

1984: Rewriting the past

In writing his classic novel, Orwell drew on the very real horrors of the 20th century.

Plus: From We to The Handmaid’s Tale, how history inspired five other fictional dystopias

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Coming up in issue 19 (on sale from 7 November)

The fall of the Berlin Wall

How the events of 1989 transformed lives on both sides of the border – and changed Europe forever

The politics of water

How scarcity has shaped history

Jung Chang


The Wild Swans author discusses her new book on three women who shaped 20th-century China