13 December 1310

Cardinal Thomas Jorz, leading English Dominican and former confessor to King Edward I, died at Grenoble while serving as a papal envoy to Henry, King of the Romans.


13 December 1312

Yorkshireman John Hotham was appointed chancellor of the exchequer. In 1316 he was appointed bishop of Ely. Three years later, in 1319, Hotham was present at the disastrous English defeat at the hands of the Scots at Myton.

13 December 1577

Francis Drake sails from Plymouth on his world voyage. | Read more about Francis Drake’s forgotten role in the English slave trade

13 December 1871

Canadian writer and expressionist painter Emily Carr was born in British Columbia. Much of her work was inspired by the culture of the indigenous peoples of the Pacific north-west coast.


13 December 1939

The German pocket battleship Admiral Graf Spee was engaged by three British cruisers in the battle of the River Plate and forced into the neutral port of Montevideo. It was scuttled four days later.

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