Elizabeth II and her prime ministers

She laughed with Winston Churchill, was "correct but cool" with Edward Heath and declined the offer to call Blair 'Tony'. A total of 12 prime ministers have resided in Downing Street during Elizabeth II's reign (now 13 including Theresa May), and their weekly meetings have ranged from fun to fractious. Francis Beckett recounts each premier's relationship with a queen who has seen it all...

Prime Ministers Line-Up

This article was first published in BBC History Magazine’s ‘Queen Elizabeth: 90 Glorious Years’ bookazine


Winston Churchill (1952–55)

Churchill, the wartime premier, lost the 1945 general election but returned to Downing Street in 1951, so when Elizabeth became Queen in 1952, the 77-year-old statesman was her first prime minister – and, some believe, her favourite.

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