Ye olde travel guide: Olympia 480 Bc

Paul Cartledge offers his advice for those visiting Olympia during the famous Greek games

Illustration by Jonty Clark.

This article was first published in the March 2011 edition of BBC History Magazine

When to go

Readers with the latest computational devices will know already that this is an Olympic year – to be precise, the year of the 75th Olympiad. So, come August, Olympia in Greece will be simply the place to be – and to be seen. And maybe even compete – so long as you are not a woman, of course! Don’t let a small thing like the impending Persian invasion put you off. It hasn’t deterred the organisers, who’ve been putting on the Games here in honour of Zeus of Mount Olympus for the past 296 years – well, every four years anyway. Zeus will provide!

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