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Bioarchaeology: uncovering the secrets of ancient and prehistoric bodies

Dr Efthymia Nikita uncovers what bioarchaeology and osteoarchaeology can tell us about ancient and prehistoric lives

Published: June 15, 2022 at 1:56 pm
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As part of our series of conversations with winners of the 2022 Dan David Prize, Dr Efthymia Nikita speaks to Helen Carr about how bioarchaeology and osteoarchaeology can be used to recover the lives of people from ancient history and prehistory, shedding light on health, disease, diet, activity and demography.


The Dan David Prize is the world's largest history prize, which recognizes outstanding historical scholarship. Find out more at dandavidprize.org or browse episodes featuring other winners


Helen CarrHistorian and author

Helen Carr is an historian, writer, TV and podcast producer, specialising in medieval history and public history.


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