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Ancient mummies found in Lima suburb

Published: November 1, 2013 at 10:34 am
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Archaeologists have found two mummies in the Peruvian capital of Lima that are believed to date from more than a thousand years ago. The remains, which are those of an adult and a child, were discovered at an ancient religious complex that has been under investigation since 1981. It is thought that the child may have been buried after the adult's death as a tribute to the gods, with researchers also finding other offerings including the remains of a guinea pig and jars featuring cat designs.


Head of Gestapo buried in Jewish cemetery, according to reports


The head of the Gestapo, Heinrich Mueller, was buried in a Jewish cemetery following his death in 1945, according to German media reports. The Bild newspaper quotes historian Johannes Tuchel, who claims to have discovered evidence that Mueller died at the end of the Second World War and was buried in a mass grave in a Jewish cemetery in the Berlin district of Mitte.

700-year-old sheet music found in council archive


A piece of sheet music thought to be 700 years old has been found in the archives of Hereford Council during work to move the collection. The document, believed to date from the 14th century, will be transferred to the new archive centre in time for its opening in 2015.


Bute Park finds could reveal more about 16th-century Cardiff

Artefacts found in Cardiff's Bute Park could help shed new light on the city's role in the 16th century, according to archaeologists. The objects, which include fragments of a clay tobacco pipe, a pewter spoon and Venetian glass, may point to the area being both more peaceful and more prominent in national affairs than previously thought.


'Definitive' Austen portrait to be sold at auction

A painting described as being the definitive portrait of Jane Austen is to be sold at auction next month. The artwork, which was commissioned to accompany an 1869 biography of the author, has been rarely seen in public and it's estimated that it will fetch as much as £200,000.


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