November 2018 issue of BBC History Magazine out now!

The November 2018 issue of BBC History Magazine is now on sale

The November 2018 issue of BBC History Magazine is on sale now.

In our Armistice centenary issue, we ask: did the outcome of the First World War justify the enormous loss of life? Plus, there’s an examination of the extraordinary day of 11 November 1918, and a closer look at the psychological, financial and environmental legacies of the conflict.


Elsewhere, Lucy Worsley considers the reputation of Abraham Lincoln as the ‘Great Emancipator’. The president may have ended slavery, but the story is more complex than is often thought…

Browse all the articles from our November 2018 issue here, including:

Michael Palin, whose latest book chronicles the 19th-century polar voyages of HMS Erebus. "My ultimate dream is to scuba-dive in Erebus's wreck," he says. (Photo by VALERY HACHE/AFP/Getty Images)

What have the Anglo-Saxons done for us? Michael Wood charts ten ways in which the northern European migrants had a lasting impact on Britain’s history.

Meanwhile, Philippe Sands talks to Rob Attar about the quest to bring a senior official from Nazi Germany to justice, and Diarmaid MacCulloch reveals the Italian links of Thomas Cromwell.

In this month’s history essay, Andrew Roberts explores why Winston Churchill’s frequent displays of emotion were an important part of his appeal.

Ahead of a BBC Radio 4 series exploring the history of loneliness, Fay Bound Alberti traces how our forebears sought to describe an emotional world increasingly bereft of meaningful connections.

Elsewhere, Kwasu Kwarteng argues that while Britain’s empire shaped the world, it also forever altered the streets of its own cities.

There’s also an interview with Michael Palin on HMS Erebus, plus Frances O’Grady chooses her history hero.

NEXT ISSUE: The December 2018 issue of BBC History Magazine is on sale from 1 November 2018, featuring the explosive political legacy of Walter Ralegh, the Peterloo massacre of 1819, and the myth of King Arthur…


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