March 2018 issue of BBC History Magazine out now!

The March 2018 issue of BBC History Magazine is now on sale!

New issue March 18

In our cover feature on the Bayeux Tapestry, Michael Lewis asks why this exquisite account of the Normans’ triumph of 1066 is so sympathetic to the vanquished English.

Meanwhile, Alexander Watson looks at Germany’s final gamble during the First World War – the Spring Offensive of 1918.


In the pigeons’ war on Hitler, Gordon Corera describes an ingenious British operation to subvert Nazi rule in Europe through the use of carrier birds.

Owen Davies takes a look at the spell-binding history of witches, from the malevolent crones of the ancient world through to the child-eating monsters of Victorian fairy-tales.

Elsewhere, Mary Beard, Simon Schama and David Olusoga tell us how BBC Two’s series Civilisation had been reimagined for a new audience.

Helen Castor delves inside the mind of Elizabeth I, in an attempt to decipher what the monarch was really thinking behind her inscrutable visage.

Plus, our pick of 2018’s most fascinating historical holiday destinations, from temples in Sri Lanka to monuments at Ypres…

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