March 2019 issue of BBC History Magazine out now!

The March 2019 issue of BBC History Magazine is now on sale

BBC History Magazine March 2019 issue

In our March 2019 issue, on sale from 21 February:

Victorian underworld


Was London’s criminal underclass as dangerous as ‘respectable’ Victorians made out? Heather Shore investigates

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The Victorian school day

Ellie Cawthorne and Susannah Wright explore pupils’ daily routines in the 19th century

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Henry VI’s troubled reign

Lauren Johnson chronicles a 15th-century king who lacked the backbone to lead England during the Wars of the Roses

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Britain’s identity crisis

Misha Glenny tells us about his new Radio 4 series exploring Great Britain’s complex formation

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Viking women

From traders to travellers, women in the Viking age led rich and adventurous lives, argues Judith Jesch

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Britain’s Russian fiasco

Nick Hewitt describes the bloody, chaotic Allied intervention into the Russian civil war a century ago

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Bored British imperialists

Jeffrey Auerbach describes the ennui that gripped Britons on the frontline of the empire in the Victorian era

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Plus: Catherine Hanley talks to Ellie Cawthorne about Matilda, and Chris Packham chooses Ivon Hitchens as his history hero (exclusive to The Library).

NEXT ISSUE: The April 2019 issue of BBC History Magazine is on sale from 21 March 2019, featuring medieval princesses, Tudor miniatures and much more.


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