June 2018 issue of BBC History Magazine out now!

The June 2018 issue of BBC History Magazine is now on sale!


In this month’s cover feature on the horrors of the Black Death, Samuel Cohn reveals why people chose to abandon their dying relatives during the ferocious outbreak of plague in 1348.


Elsewhere, in a Georgian parenting guide, Elizabeth Foyster describes how our 18th-century ancestors navigated the fraught world of child-rearing.

In a feature on Æthelflæd, Janina Ramirez tells the story of the Anglo-Saxon ruler, a mother, wife, diplomat and warrior queen who became the scourge of the Vikings.

Meanwhile, Anthony Beevor explores why Operation Market Garden was a terrible plan right from the start, while Peter H Wilson describes the brutal conflict of the Thirty Years’ War.

Also this month, a history of dentistry, Alison Weir on Jane Seymour, Nichola Tallis visits Bruges and Aled Jones chooses his history hero.

NEXT ISSUE: The July 2018 issue of BBC History Magazine is on sale from 14 June 2018, featuring Ragnar Lothbrok, the first Viking warrior, the difficulties that faced the early NHS, David Olusoga on how the Windrush immigrants were received in Britain and Tracy Borman on whether there was a royal hand in the gunpowder plot. Find out more here.


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