May 2019 issue of BBC History Magazine out now!

Henry VIII's hitmen, Victorian burlesque and Leonardo da Vinci…

The May 2019 issue of BBC History Magazine is out now

In our May 2019 issue, on sale from 18 April 2019:

Henry’s hitmen


Bribery, subterfuge, kidnap and murder by paid assassins. Robert Hutchinson reveals how Henry VIII targeted his enemies

In the shadows of giants

When the Anglo-Saxons encountered the ancient burial sites and Roman remains that dot Britain, they were gripped by wonder and dread, says Tim Flight

1970s: Britain in meltdown

The United Kingdom in the 12 months before the 1979 general election was a country on the edge, says Phil Tinline

Thatcher’s Britain?

Did Margaret Thatcher engineer a decisive break with the past? Four historians offer their expert perspectives on her years in power

Victorian cheap thrills

Titillation, humour and a dash of high culture. Joanne Cormac explores the strange world of 19th-century burlesque

Leonardo da Vinci

From flying machines to geology, Marina Wallace explores the groundbreaking work of the genius polymath

Motherhood revolution

Over four centuries in the west, a decline in family sizes has radically changed women’s lives, argues Sarah Knott

Plus: Anita Anand discusses her book on the Amritsar massacre’s aftermath; Jon Baukham and Frank Gray explore the birth of British cinema; and BBC journalist Frank Gardner chooses his history hero


NEXT ISSUE: The June 2019 issue of BBC History Magazine is on sale from 16 May 2019, featuring a 24-page D-Day special, Lucy Worsley on Queen Victoria’s miserable childhood, and the nylon pirates who exploited the postwar demand for stockings .