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Ironclad in Rochester

The new blockbuster film Ironclad, released on 4 March, depicts King John's siege of Rochester Castle in 1215. Dave Musgrove paid a visit to Rochester Castle to find out more. 

Published: March 3, 2011 at 5:00 pm
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To coincide with the cinema release of the film Ironclad, starring Derek Jacobi, Brian Cox and Kate Mara, BBC History Magazine's editor, Dave Mugrove, recorded the magazine's first ever vodcast with Rochester Castle's curator, John Croucher, and found out what really happened during the siege of the castle in 1215.



Ironclad and the Siege of Rochester

The story of one of the longest sieges to take place in British history, the 1215 defence of Rochester Castle.

XTR87681 Credit: f.259r The Siege of Chateau-Gaillard in 1204 when Philip Augustus of France (1165-1223) defeated King John (Lackland) of England (1199-1216), from the Grandes Chroniques de France, 1375-79 (vellum) by French School, (14th century) Bibliotheque Municipale, Castres, France/ Giraudon/ The Bridgeman Art Library Nationality / copyright status: French / out of copyright

King John and the French invasion of England

Sean McGlynn, author of the first book on the French occupation of England in 1216, considers the story of ‘bad’ King John and the Barons’ Revolt.


Visit History – Rochester Castle

Visit Rochester Castle, with its strong Norman keep, and tales of long and bloody sieges.


Daytripper audio guide to the city of Rochester

Julian Humphrys goes to Rochester with great expectations and has a Dickens of a time.


The King and his castle: how Henry II rebuilt his reputation

Read the story of the nearby castle of Dover, also besieged in the revolt against King John.


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