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11 unmissable Richard III podcasts

With his reinterment just days away, we round up our best Richard III podcasts…

Published: March 24, 2015 at 5:00 am
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A grisly end

In this February 2009 podcast, David Hipshon speaks about the controversial king Richard III and his violent death at the battle of Bosworth.


Also in this episode: Hallie Rubenhold reveals a remarkable tale of adultery that caused a scandal in the 18th century.

Listen to the podcast here.

Changing perceptions

Chris Skidmore, author of a biography of Richard III, talks to us about how his research is presenting a different picture of the controversial 15th-century king.

Also in this July 2014 episode: we speak to Pamela Hartshorne about the challenges people faced in Tudor England when trying to keep their cities clean and hygienic.

Listen to the podcast here.

The mysteries of the princes in the Tower

Leanda de Lisle visits the Tower of London to explore the fate of the princes believed to have been killed there, in this October 2013 podcast.

Also in this episode: Hannah Greig tells us about the Georgian fashionable elite, and we speak to Hollywood star Matthew Fox about his role in the historical film Emperor.

Listen to the podcast here.

Did Richard III murder the princes in the Tower? You debate

Richard III’s remains

Philippa Langley and Michael Jones describe the discovery of Richard III's remains, in this podcast recorded in October 2013.

Also in this episode: Sir Max Hastings explores the origins and bloody outbreak of the First World War.

Listen to the podcast here.

Richard III vs Henry VII

In this June 2013 podcast, Chris Skidmore describes how the first Tudor king seized the crown from Richard III at Bosworth.

Also in this episode: Brendan Simms examines Europe's past, present and future.

Listen to the podcast here.

Richard III special

In this February 2013 podcast, following the momentous announcement that the body found in a Leicestershire car park is indeed Richard III, Matt Elton speaks to Leicester archaeologist Lin Foxhall and Phil Stone, chairman of the Richard III Society.

Listen to the podcast here.

Shakespeare's Richard III

Paulina Kewes considers Shakespeare's treatment of Richard III, in this podcast recorded in May 2012.

Also in this episode: Michael Wood tells us why he's championing ordinary Britons.

Listen to the podcast here.

Where the Bosworth battle really happened

Glenn Foard reflects on the discovery of the true location of the Bosworth battlefield, in this March 2010 podcast.

Also in this episode: Ina Zweiniger-Bargielowska explains the role of rationing in the Second World War.

Listen to the podcast here.

Richard III reburial special

Just days before the reburial of the last Plantagenet king in Leicester Cathedral, we speak to two experts with close connections to the event: Phil Stone, chairman of the Richard III Society, considers the ways that the recent discoveries have changed our view of the king, while Alexandra Buckle of Oxford University explains how her research will inform the reinterment ceremony.

Listen to the podcast here.

Fresh views on the Wars of the Roses

Dan Jones is interviewed by Tudor expert Suzannah Lipscomb about his new book on the Wars of the Roses. The two historians discuss the writing of popular history, the role of medieval kings, and the controversial figure of Richard III.

This podcast was recorded in September 2014.

Listen here.

Why the Plantagenets matter

Dan Jones argues the importance of the Plantagenet dynasty to British history, in this November 2012 podcast.


Listen to the podcast here.


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