History explorer: Tintagel Castle and the legend of King Arthur

Miles Russell and Spencer Mizen visit 
Tintagel Castle in Cornwall to explore its links 
with one of the world's great mythological figures...

An aerial view of Tintagel Castle, Cornwall. (Photo by David Goddard/Getty Images)
King Arthur. Heroic British warlord who led the fight against marauding Anglo-Saxons, or a figment of a writer’s fertile imagination? It’s a question that’s been puzzling poets, chroniclers, historians and film-makers for more than 1,000 years.
And nowhere does this question have more resonance than on a small, windswept, rain-battered headland projecting into the sea off north Cornwall: Tintagel.
Numerous sites across north-west Europe – from Glastonbury Abbey in Somerset to the Forest of Paimpont in Brittany – have trumpeted their connections to King Arthur. Yet surely none are as intimately linked to the legendary warlord as Tintagel.

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