Sally Dixon-Smith on love and marriage in the Middle Ages

In this virtual lecture first delivered in May 2020, Sally Dixon-Smith talks about love and marriage in the Middle Ages


Although we often think of monks and nuns when we picture ‘medieval’, most people did get married, It was incredibly easy to get married – so easy, in fact, that people might not be sure if they were really wed, might marry accidentally, or indeed ‘accidentally on purpose’.


Dr Sally Dixon-Smith is the Collections Curator at the Tower of London, where she curated the re-presentation of the Crown Jewels in 2012; the ‘Poppies at the Tower’ in 2014; and most recently, the brand new displays on prisoners and punishment. She is currently appearing on Inside the Tower of London (Channel 5). A medieval historian and architectural historian by training, she was previously a university lecturer, and she is particularly interested in how law, including church law, affected people’s everyday lives.