Max Adams on the First Kingdom: Britain in the Age of Arthur

In this talk first delivered in February 2021, historian Max Adams considers Britain in the years after the fall of the Roman empire

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For 200 years after the fall of the Roman empire in around AD 400, Britain’s history is deeply obscure – and irresistibly interesting. Max pieces together fragments of history and archaeology to paint a picture of a dynamic people living in tumultuous times of hardship and uncertainty.


Born in London in 1961, Max was an archaeologist before taking up careers as a woodsman, traveller, writer and broadcaster. Two biographies (one a Guardian Book of the Week) were followed by critically-acclaimed and best selling works on the Dark Ages (The King in the North, In the Land of Giants and Ælfred’s Britain) and on trees and woodlands. Max is also a musician and novelist. For monthly newsletters, events and insights, visit Max’s website